Niriides milos


When talking about the sights of Milos Island, it is easy to claim the whole island and its unique landscape is one unending attraction in itself. Fascinating beaches, different coloured rocks and mountains as well as picturesque villages with delicious local delicacies are some of the many things that make up the island’s appeal.

Highlights which shouldn’t be missed include:



Reminds us of a lunar-like area,where the sun΄s reflection on white rocks produces dazzling effects.A favourite place for all those faschinated in cliff diving,but for sun soaking over the smooth rocks too


Can only be reachedby boat.An old shelter of the pirates,a bay surrounded by a cluster of white tiny ,rocky islands that block the entrance and make it invisible by sea.

Thiorixia(Sulfer Mines)

It is not easy to visit ”Paliorema”as it stands surrounded by rocky mountains nad steep cliffs.The visit however ,is worth the effort not just for the scenery and the survivng facilities of the Thiorixia ,but mainly to appreciate the living and working conditions of the mines,who would be considered heroes today,due to the challenging and unsanitary conditions thes have to endure.


One of the most distinguishing and quaint features of Milos are the “syrmata”most usually carved into the rocks walls -dwellings on the beachfront .The custom originates from the mid 19thc.when there was no more fear of the Turks or the pirates and so the vilagers started feeling free to approach the sea.In “syrmata” they were pulling their boats in order to protect them from stormy weathers.


Are considered the second most important Paleo-Christian monument in the world,after those of Rome.Carved in soft stone,initially in natural caverns,between the village of Trypiti and the ancient city of Klima,they lie approximately 150m above sea level and have an explored length of 184m.


Developed during the Minoan period as a trade center of the obsidian,a highly valued volcanic mineral.A clay effigy of a boat ,of the 3rd mil.BC, was excavated at the cemetery of the city.The boat effigy is considerd a replica of the vessels used for the trade of the obsidian and is now exhibited at the Archaeological museum of Milos.

Niriides milos