Niriides milos


Gastronomy :

It’s most definitely worth trying as many of the local delicacies of Milos Island as you possibly can. You might even want to take some home with you to keep the holiday feeling alive.
You should definitely try the delicious the traditional “karpouzopita”, a sweet watermelon pie, the delicious “pitarakia” filled with pepper, dry cheese or mizithra  and the sweet “koufeto”, made of sweet pumpkin crumb with honey and almonds.
You can also purchase jars with “koufeto”, a variety of cheese such as xerotiri, xinomizithra and touloumotiri, thyme honey, tomato pellet made from local tomatoes and caper, as well as rustic dry bread made of barley and wheat. Enjoy these delicacies during your stay or take them home with you!

Shopping :

Discover hidden treasures in Milos’ narrow alleys and enjoy memorable shopping sprees surrounded by the many tasteful Cycladic shops in Pollonia, Plaka, Adamas and other spots.
You will found original handmade jewelry of high aesthetic, silver or bronzes, branded or not.
Also lovely artistic creations made of clay or glass, luminaires and of course excellent gifts and souvenirs from Milos.

Nightlife :

Whether you prefer a romantic drink or a more intense night out, Milos will not disappoint you.
It combines the relaxation and tranquility with the vibrant nightlife and fun.


Niriides milos