Niriides milos



How to get there :

Milos island has port and airport.

Its connection with El.Venizelos airport in Athens is daily and the flight lasts 30 minutes..
By sea, Adamas port of Milos is connected with Piraeus port by speedboats(3-4 hours trip) and by conventional boats(7.30-8 hours trip). Palaiochori is 10klmm. away from Adamas port in Milos.
Milos island is also connected by boat with many other Cycladic islands and with Crete as well.
Boats and planes itineraries increase in the summer months.
Especially with our neighboring Kimolos island, the connection is daily via ferry boat that departs from Pollonia port and the trip lasts 30 minutes.



Adamas(Port) 5km. <<You will find Restaurants-Cafeterias-Bakeries-Super markets-Pharmacy >>.

Pollonia 2 km. <<You will find Restaurants-Cafeterias-Bakeries-Mini markets-Pharmacy >>

Plaka 10 km.

Airport 7 km. – Tel 2287028410

Bus stop 200 m. (Stop Pachaina).


Nearby Beaches:

Pachaina 150 m.

Papafraga 400 m.

Pollonia 2 km.

Mytakas 2 km.

Alogomandra 2 km.

Sarakiniko 6 km.

Niriides milos