Niriides milos

Churches and Monasteries

Milos has been declared a sacred island by the Holy Synod mainly due to the Old-Christian/Early Christian Catacombs on the island. Apart from this unique, in the whole of Greece, finding, Milos is home to over 140 churches and chapels. During your visit don’t forget to ask us about the traditional “panigiria” (celebrations of the saint each church is dedicated to) hosted at various picturesque chapels on the island. The combination of the minimal architecture, famous in the Aegean, with important artifacts and religious paintings, as well as the locals’ warm hospitality, is truly magical.

Some of the many wonderful religious sights worth visiting are:

  • Adamas: The Assumption/Dormition of the Virgin Mary or Aghios Charalambos, the Holy Trinity, St. Nicolas
  • Tripiti: The church of St. Nicolas
  • Clima: The church of Profitis Ilias of Clima
  • Climatovouni: Panagia Tourliani
  • Zefiria: Panagia Portiani and St. Charalambos
  • Halakas: Agia Marina and Agios Ioannis Theologos or Siderianos
  • Kipos: The church of Panagia of Kipos
Niriides milos