Niriides milos


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The unique landscape and beautiful beaches of Milos Island have been shaped over thousands of years by the island’s volcanic nature in combination with the wind and waves of the Aegean.
The island has, perhaps, the most varied landscape of the Cycladic islands. There are more than 75 beaches to visit, all with crystal clear waters, some sandy, others with small pearl-shaped pebbles, some officially organised with seasonal beach bars,others more secluded.The beaches of Milos are ideal for every taste, from the absolute organization until the perfect isolation and they are scattered in all directions. So, you can find windless beaches to swim or beaches with wind to get involved with your favorite water sports, such as Wind Surf and Kite Surf.

The list of memorable places to visit is long:
Papikinou beach, Provatas, Firiplaka,Tsigrado,Agia Kiriaki, Gerondas, Agios Konstantinos, Alogomandra and Papafragas and much more!